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Drawer-Type structure:Our structure is very innovative, making possible the idea of an integrated and drawer-type structureAfter completing the circuit board installation and satellite axis adjustment in the tray, push the tray into the main body of the kit and install it .

Integrated CNC design: We have adopted an integrated CNC design on the GLITTER 65, ensuring that there are no visible seams in the overall appearance of the keyboard shell. The side of the GLITTER 65 presents a full arc, giving the keyboard a slightly rounded feel and making it easy for players to take. Balancing practicality and aesthetics. The integration is very evident and full. We have selected high-quality machining and surface treatment factories to ensure the excellent texture of the shell.

high-quality craftsmanship: In r2, we have implemented extensive grooving and added metalized edge treatment, upgrading the original 1.6mm thickness to 1.2mm. We have integrated both soldering and hot swappable options, allowing you to choose the installation method according to your preference. We continue to retain the ENIG and lead-free process, actively participating in the responsibility of environmental protection.

* The high-end version supports both soldering and hot-swappable functions.

The low-end version only supports soldering.

In Glitter 65r2, we have significantly increased the clearance height above the tray, allowing you to easily slide in the tray with switches (requires depressing the switches). Additionally, we are including a complimentary quick-installation aid and shell protection to prevent any scratches on your Glitter 65r2.

Diy light (support vial): We bring the illuminated section to the front end of the tray and achieve complete integration of the shell. The keyboard is seamlessly unified. It’s an attack on both fronts, and we want you to enjoy the light! The GLITTER 65 is not only practical, but also the perfect desktop decoration.

Color: Electrophoretic White, Electrophoretic Vintage White, Electrophoretic Black

Keyboard Material:6061

Features: USB Hub, Card Reader, Hot Swapping

Connection Type: wired

Note: Keycaps and Switches are not included, you need to buy them seperately.

One-year warranty. Replace instead of repair.

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